How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

Many people suffer from back pain in their lifetime. It is, however, a common problem that prevails to human beings in the age range of 35 and 65. It can affect people in different ways. To some people, it may be temporary while to others it may be a chronic low back pain. Treatment of low back pain depends on whether it is an acute low back pain or chronic.

In some instances, home remedies for lower back pain may be sufficient to relieve the lower back pain than to undergo medical treatments. It is often not easy to know the causes of lower back pain. The pain is usually linked to muscle strains, or the damage of one or more structures at the back. There may be other underlying health problems that could contribute to the back pain.

What are the symptoms of low back pain?

Soreness, muscle tension, and stiffness of muscles are among symptoms of low back pain. The pain may be categorized into acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain. The acute pain normally lasts for less than 4 weeks; sub-acute pain lasts for less than 12 weeks whereas chronic pain lasts longer than 12 weeks.

The symptoms of lower back pain may vary. It is, therefore, recommended to seek medical attention if you notice any symptom related to your back pain.

What are causes of lower back pain?

There are factors that can trigger the lower back pain. These factors include, but not limited to the following:

  • Heavy loads. Lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying heavy loads increase your chances of developing the lower back pain.
  • Standing or bending your body for a long time also increases the chances of low back pain
  • Poor posture
  • An injury
  • Accident
  • Damage to the parts of the spine


How is lower back pain diagnosed?

From the symptoms of lower back pain, the doctor may diagnose the pain in your body. If the symptoms persist, the doctor may recommend more tests to be done in order to diagnose the pain. MRI for back pain, X-ray, or blood tests may be performed to see the underlying problem of the back pain you are suffering from.


How to ease lower back pain?

There are various treatment options that are aimed at relieving back pain. The choice of any treatment depends on your circumstances as seen by the doctor. Your personal preference also counts in choosing any treatment. After diagnosing the pain, the doctor may recommend home remedies for lower back pain or provide some medicines or therapies. Some treatment options are mentioned below:


  1. Home remedy for lower back pain
  • Try to be active on a daily basis and avoid too much bending or sitting. Do not rest for a long time on your bed
  • Apply some heat on the area of the pain. It will relieve the pain although for a short period of time.


  1. Physical therapy
  • Physiotherapy, osteopathy, or chiropractic treatment may help with ways to relieve back pain. In these treatments, you may be offered a massage, good posture practice, exercises, and other techniques.


  1. Medicines
  • There are medicines that the doctor may recommend to you to ease the pain. They may include anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Most medicines are found in pharmacies.


  1. Other therapies

Acupuncture for lower back pain is also a treatment option in relieving the back pain. This is a traditional Chinese medicine used many years ago. It has positive effects in treating the back pain.

  1. Surgery
  • If all the treatments have failed in reliving back pain, back surgery may be recommended.


How to prevent lower back pain?

Lower back pain may be prevented by taking regular exercises on a daily basis and by maintaining a good posture. There are many ways to prevent the back pain.

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