What is Osteoporosis and Osteosclerosis?

What is Osteoporosis and Osteosclerosis?

Definition of Osteoporosis   Osteoporosis happens when the lattice-like bony tissues in trabecular bones (spongy bones) start thinning due to certain factors, resulting in the widening of the gaps between bone tissues. In another word, the reduction of bone density, thereby leading to what is known as osteoporosis.

What is Trabecular bone of a normal person?

Why Osteoporosis Treatment

What is Trabecular bone of an osteoporosis patient ?

trabecular bone of osteoporosis person_150 x 150

What is Osteosclerosis?

An imbalance in the metabolism of calcium ions results in a high concentration of bone minerals in cortical bones, which leads to a tendency towards excessive calcification of the bones. Clinically, this is associated with such symptoms as aches, cramps and etc.

Symptoms of Osteoporosis


Loss of height


Bone  fractures

What is my Bone Density?

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