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Acupuncture Benefits and Treatments
If you have been wondering, “What is acupuncture?” then this is for you. Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. It originated in China, and known as what we call today Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture involves the use of small needles to penetrate the skin. It is used as a cure many ailments that people suffer from, but it is not for the faint of heart. If you have a fear of needles then you will have a rough time getting it done on you. However, it can help you with many of the health problems you are suffering from.
Acupuncture Treatment
If you want to get acupuncture treatment then it will be good for you to know a few things. First, keep in mind you will have needles all through your body. They do not go in your skin deep, but they will still be in there.  Some of your acupuncture points are in your hands, back, face, and feet. While acupuncture treatment can seem intimidating, many of the people who get it done to them swear by it.
If you are wondering “how does acupuncture work”, then the simple answer is that it helps align your body. The Chinese believe in a concept called Qi. In fact, Qi is the flow of energy within your body. Acupuncture helps realign your Qi when imbalances occur. When you get the treatment done, the specialists will place the small needles throughout your body.
Many people have attested to the benefits of acupuncture. All most of the patients say acupuncture for back pain works wonders. Specialists have said that using acupuncture treatment helps to ease the tension caused by a strained back. Acupuncture for weight loss is also another common reason people get the treatment.
If you consider getting this treatment, then you are not alone. It is reported that at least one in twenty people have gotten acupuncture where it is available. You always want to make sure the place you are considering has a good reputation. While acupuncture is a legitimate business, there are people who try to do this without the proper training or knowledge. Prices vary by location, so you always want to know what the standard price is in your area. Do not get overcharged if you can get similar treatment down the street.
While there have been times when acupuncture has brought about much controversy, it has also been proven to help people. If you think that you can handle this new age practice with old age attitude then give it a try. You might be surprised at how much it helps some of the problems you may be having.
Acupuncture points are specific location or points on our body that become the focus of acupressure and acupuncture.  These are healing points known to experts of this field which on proper application of pressure can heal various ailments of the body parts with which each acupuncture point is linked to. Several of these points are located along the meridians. The origin of this acupuncture point technique is from China and it is called TCM theory or theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Huge efforts have been taken from quite long time to understand the nuances and anatomy of these acupuncture points but till date no one is hundred percent sure about the anatomical existence of these points.  The unique thing about healing through TCM is that these points are not located at the place of body where the targeted symptom is, rather it is located on the meridian which brings about the relief.  Although there is no scientific proof that this method works but the proponents of this theory claim it to be highly effective. The location of acupuncture points is not determined randomly rather it is the place where the nerves enter a muscle, the middle point of a muscle or the end part where a muscle joins a bone.  A total of 360 of such points have been identified but the number of points has changed with efflux of time. Their nomenclature is another interesting thing to discuss on. About 2/3 of them are called ‘yang’ and the remaining 1/3 are called ‘yin’.
The practitioners of acupressure use their palms, feet, fingers or elbow to apply pressure to these acupuncture points which lie on the meridians of the body. Sometimes even acupressure massage or stretching involves acupressure therapy. 
Many such sessions are needed to enjoy the benefits of this Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The goal of this entire session is nothing but to restore the health and balance of one’s body. 
The history of acupressure dates back as old as 2500 years ago in China. It is considered very useful in improving nausea and vomiting in adults. It may be effective in several other impovements also. The basic premise on which this theory is based is that there are energy flows within our bodies. Disruptions of this flow cause various diseases. Thus acupressure aims to normalise this flow and bring about a balance in the body. This healing technique may or may not have been scientifically verified but it has resulted in cure of lacs of people over thousands of years. One should try it to believe it. It has no side effect so there is no harm is trying it yourself once. 


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